The Cube Concept Car

the-cubeThis isn’t the first time that we have reported on concept automobiles of the future. Most of them aren’t really what comes to mind when we think of a car, as they tend to be small one-manned drones.

The Cube is nothing different, but I admire Carlos Mendez’s vision for cars. Mendez noticed that most cars are way too large and heavy compared to their driver, so he set out to create a “vehicle designed more to a human scale”.

What makes the Cube unique is that the user determines what it will look like and alters it according to his or her needs. Think of the base as something like a Lego car, and it is up to the user to add the roll bars, windshield, roof, or a bed for hauling stuff.

Mendez’s Cube is also environmentally sound as it is completely electrical powered. I’m guessing that mass-production of the Cube would probably solve traffic problems as it looks like it takes up half as much width as an ordinary vehicle.

Decreased width is also a theme amongst future cars. However, I still question how we would transition to that. Would we really live in a world where special lanes are made for cars like the Cube? I suppose the old lanes would be for the “antique wide” cars. Only time will tell for that one.

Mendez hopes that his Cube will be the model car of the future, sort of like the Model T became the standard that began the age of automobiles. Again, only time will tell for that one.


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  1. What an interesting concept! Do you think it will be hard to transition into a concept like this? I especially like the idea that the user can customize it to exactly the car they’re looking for.

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