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Nerf Havok Fire Automatic Blaster


Summer’s here in some parts of the world, making outdoor activities all the more fun instead of being cooped up at home all day long in front of the TV and a video game console. Why not pick up a handful of the Nerf Havok Fire Automatic Blasters and have a field day in your garden or at the local park with your friends and family/

Who doesn’t need a fully automatic dart cannon that can fire up to 3 darts per second? It’s certainly going to make things interesting in the office. The darts are fed into the gun via a battery powered belt feed (just like the Vulcan M61) giving you a barrage of firepower that no other Nerf Gun can match. If you don’t want to spend the rest of the afternoon scouring the office for spent darts then you can take the more conservative approach and switch over to single shot mode for extra precision. Not all of us can pull off the Arnie ‘hold the machine gun with one rippling arm’ technique – that’s okay though because the removable tripod can be fitted to the blaster in an instant giving you the opportunity to defend a fixed position.

You don’t even need to play with the Nerf Havok Fire Automatic Blaster outdoors as it makes for the mischevious indoor toy as well. Grab a few of these for the office and see the mice come out to play whenever the boss isn’t around! The Nerf Havok Fire Automatic Blaster will retail for £49.99 a pop.

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