Smart Black Box bears witness in an accident

smart-black-boxNobody likes to get into an accident, but if you so happen to be in that unfortunate position, then having witnesses to the accident could help greatly in speeding up the insurance claims process as well as getting the right details down in a police report. In addition, a non-partial witness will also be able to be the arbiter in any dispute, with the other person claiming you were backing up when you bumped into the car behind you, while you say that your vehicle was stationary and they other person could not brake in time, hence “kissing” the back of your bumper. With the Smart Black Box, all of these thories can be put to rest thanks to KCI Communications, Inc. that offers this device which provides drivers with enhanced video and data recording.

Measuring an extremely compact 3.19″ x 1.97″, this durable device (it’d better be if it were to survive a fair bit of knocks during its lifetime) manages to cram in a high resolution color camera, digital video recorder, GPS navigation and 3-Axis G-Shock sensor. All of these will work in tandem to make sure it captures whatever that goes on during an accident. The Smart Black Box is mounted on your windshield or rear view mirror thanks to a long-lasting adhesive, where a pre-determined amount of G-force will kick it into action to activate recording automatically, starting from the last 15 seconds prior to impact. Not only that, GPS technology ensures you will have pin-point accuracy on details such as the time and date, vehicle location, vehicle speed, and direction of travel. All of these data will be embedded within the video overlay itself, making sure that exporting to other formats will retain all the relevant data.

Regardless of how sophisticated it sounds, fret not if you’re pretty averse to technology as the Smart Black Box comes with an easy user interface, allowing just about any driver to extract data from the unit to transfer it over to a computer later on. All files recorded are stored on an SD memory card, where the Smart Black Box comes with integrated Google Maps that will rely on the GPS data to display the exact route taken during the recorded incident, in addition to updating the location along with each video frame. Users also have the convenience of printing accident reports at the push of a button after selecting the desired video frame(s), alongside adding a report title, subject, and any additional information.

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2 thoughts on “Smart Black Box bears witness in an accident”

  1. car black box idea is great
    but main issue of this ‘Smart’ – it can’t record audio,
    it can’t record continuous video only event recording by g-force sensor or by pressing button so you miss all what happen on the road

    gps is not accurate

    but price is better than price on famous ‘Xdriven’

  2. I’ve recently purchased the Smart Witness 100GPS unit, I agree that it doesn’t record audio, but I don’t see that as a major issue. I have found that the GPS is very accurate, generally to within about 20 yards, the google maps link works very well overlaying the position of the vehicle even to the correct side of a dual carrige-way.
    The unit from the PC software can be set to record continuously, getting the whole journey, it will still mark the G-sensor ‘hits’ on the video, but will not create a seperate file for them. The advantage with continuous is that the whole route appears on the google map screen.
    The only downside is that I feel that the viewing angle of 170 degrees is a little too wide, maybe 120 would have been better giving even clearer video.
    All in all I think a very good buy, especially for those with high excess payments on the insurance, may even pay for itself on just one disputed accident. (Personally I would not be inclined to tell the other party at the time of the accident that I had one of these fitted, they might just dig themselves into a nice hole, remember you have the proof!)

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