Intelligent Sprinkler Controller


smart-sprinklerSprinklers are useful tools to have in the garden as they help you water your lawn and other plants without having to do so personally, but the Intelligent Sprinkler Controller goes one up on ordinary models since it is able to tell whether it might rain within the next 12 hours or so, automatically postponing scheduled watering cycles in the process.

An integrated barometer monitors changes in barometric pressure and cancels a scheduled watering when rain is forecasted, ensuring your sprinkler system will not turn on prior to or during a rain shower. The device automatically resumes watering on the next scheduled day (weather permitting). You can input the day of the week, time, and duration of each watering using the five-button control panel and LCD. The device calculates how many gallons of water it saves and displays the amount on the LCD. The sprinkler controller simply connects to a standard spigot and garden hose and does not require a subscription to a weather service.

Powered by a single 9-volt battery, the Intelligent Sprinkler Controller can be yours for $99.95.

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