Econo-Keys EK-76-TP mobile keyboard


econokeysThe Econo-Keys EK-76-TP mobile keyboard offers something different where mobile keyboards are concerned, featuring a touchpad on the underside. Now here’s a zany thought – you could hold this up like some sort of video game controller, allowing you to type with your thumbs, while your fingers on the underside will adapt to the touchpad for easy and convenient navigation, although we think that there is a pretty steep learning curve attached to it. Nah, might as well use it like how the spokesperson describes below.

According to spokesperson Halley Cade , “What makes this keyboard so original and unlike anything on the market is the reverse-side touchpad. The EK-76-TP can be easily flipped over to provide convenient touchpad access, or used from underneath while typing. It is perfect for customers who desire the user-friendliness of a touchpad, but need something ultra-portable.”

Like all Econo-Keys products, the EK-76-TP is fully sealed to IP67 standards, making it resistant to dirt, dust and water. Because it lacks the crevices found in standard desktop keyboards, it can be thoroughly disinfected with any hospital-grade cleaning agent and can endure routine harsh washes. The EK-76-TP measures 8.91″ x 3.54″ x 0.38″ and has a Windows- and Linux-compatible USB interface. The keyboard has 76 keys, including 12 function keys.

Interested parties can pick up the EK-76-TP for $146 a pop.

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