Canesta Motion-control Remote Control

by Mark R

canesta-3Sure, the motion control for the Wii is a huge success, and Microsoft’s Xbox is experimenting with Project Natal. I have even heard that PS3 has been wanting to get in on this motion control action.

But there is a lot of uses for motion control that do not involve gaming, and a company called Canesta (not to be confused with the popular card game canasta) is developing motion-control for those who want to channel surf.

There is a demonstration video of this after the jump, and it shows a man who is frustrated with playing with the arrows on his TV menu. He then chucks his remote control and gets his hands involved.

With one flick of the wrist, the screen becomes a vast field of individual TV channel logos. All the user then does is wave in order to sift through them and make a motion when the choice has been made.

At first, I thought the guy in the vid was using the remote control as a motion controller to flick through channels, and then I noticed that he was looking angry. I couldn’t help but think: “Canesta, you really need to show your users happy when using your product”. I didn’t realize that the sales pitch had yet to be made. Whoops.

Even though this tech may never be perfected and live in eternal vaporware, I can’t help but applaud at what Canesta is trying to do here. If nothing else, you don’t have to worry about losing your remote anymore.


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