The USB Heart 4-Port Hub


Not all USB hubs need to be geek inspired or a mega hub with 20 different ports.  Instead it’s alright to have the occasional overly feminine hub for those that prefer their technology to appear bright and chipper.  This hub is exactly that and would be great for women of all ages (as long as they prefer things of this style).  It would look especially good in a young girl’s room, not that a young girl would necessarily need a USB hub.  However, if your daughter does need one, this pastel heart is definitely an affordable way to go.

It only has 4 different ports, but that would be enough for a great deal of people.  Most people don’t really need a ton of extras, but merely a few more ports.  Being a hub, it’s compatible with either Mac or PC, obviously.  It comes in the three different colors you see here.  The pale pink, blue and then bright yellow.  So if you don’t want a pastel color, the yellow is a bit more bold.  Brando has these up for sale, and for cheap too.  You can purchase one for all of $10.

Source: GeekyGadgets