Steering Wheel Bluetooth Speakerphone

steering-wheel-btMore and more states around the US and countries all over the world have already banned the use of cellphones while driving unless you’re using a hands-free kit of sorts. Of course, wireless versions are preferred in this day and age since there are no wires for you to get tangled with whenever you negotiate a treacherous mountain pass, making the Steering Wheel Bluetooth Speakerphone a suitable candidate for your hands-free woes.

This is the Bluetooth speakerphone that attaches to your steering wheel, placing the microphone and speakers closer to you for easier conversations without taking your hands off the wheel. The device uses two 2-watt speakers coupled with noise reduction and echo cancellation technologies for clear transmission and reception. Inbound calls appear on the device’s 9/16″ display as either numbers or names (depending upon how your cell phone is set up), allowing you to accept or reject calls with a press of a button. Volume, mute, and phone book buttons allow further control right from the steering wheel. The device can be paired with up to eight different cell phones and you can transfer up to 600 phone numbers to its 256MB memory. Its rechargeable battery provides five hours of continuous talk time from a three-hour charge using the included DC car adapter.

Sounds like $99.95 well spent, apart from the fact that you won’t be able to use it once you get out of your vehicle. Guess the standard Bluetooth headset still beats them all…