Smart E Bear


smartebearForget about the good old Teddy Bear that has come in all sorts of shapes and sizes over the years – it is the 21st century, after all, and the time is ripe for a refresh with the Smart E Bear.

Smart E Bear is freakin’ incredible. Connect him to your computer and sync him with his downloadable software, and your kids will be amazed in no time. Why? Because Smart E Bear will actually talk to your kid by name (he’s got over 1,000 in his database). He’ll sing and tell stories and play games with your urchins in English or Spanish – all you do is load up the content you want, and your child triggers Smart E into action by squeezing his paw. And here’s the kicker: sure Smart E Bear is preloaded with tons of good educational content, but (like iTunes), you can always download more (even new languages for him to speak and teach your geeklings). This means that Smart E Bear can evolve and grow as your children do. He’ll be their friend, teacher, and teddy bear for all time. And when your children move off to college and say they’ve outgrown their Smart E Bear – then you can finally have him back all for yourself.

An evolving bear that has the ability to continue “growing” over the years? Hopefully the amount of quality that goes into its $59.99 build is enough to last your little ones till they enter college, as you know how many stories parents have heard about teddy bears getting their arms and legs ripped off during a more vigorous playing session among kids.

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