ECCO GPS Keychain

ecco-gpsI find camera phones to be extremely useful these days as the camera is used to snap a photo of the level as well as spot where I parked my car, allowing me to find my way back there once I’m done at a mall. Well, for those who think that this method isn’t good enough since some sprawling malls can get very confusing with multi-level car parks and such, the ECCO GPS keychain sounds like just the right tonic to have.

Simply ‘lock’ in your starting location, go do your thing, then follow the ECCO’s idiot-proof LCD display. You’ll be tucked up before you can say ‘I’m sure I turned right at that big tree.’ Cooler still, the ECCO will store up to three locations, so you can find your way back to your remote guesthouse via the pub with a quick pit stop at that kebab shop you stumbled across the night before. Despite its diminutive dimensions, the ECCO utilises the very latest GPS technology. Satellite acquisition time is 30-60 seconds max, and it is accurate to within 10m.

Can’t really argue with that sort of accuracy eh? One thing though – what happens if you’re in an underground car park – will the £69.95 ECCO GPS keychain still be able to obtain a position lock?

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  1. I doubt this would work in a multi-level car park. The keychain wouldn’t be able to receive a signal through all that concrete.

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