Concept Oven Cooks with Lasers

by Mark R

cookinginthefuture-1_kb2yw_17621We already discussed an oven that cooks via USB, and we would be remiss in our duties at Coolest Gadgets if we did not report on other advancements in oven technology, such as this particular oven that cooks with lasers.

That’s right, lasers (just imagine the hands doing quotes like Dr. Evil). In fact, this oven uses a combination of three lasers to cook your food, which are specifically under your control. So if you want your pizza cooked at 350 degrees, you can make that distinction. I’m not really sure how that distinction is made, though. I mean, do you just use one laser for Jiffy Pop and three for a turkey?

I would imagine that complications will arise when cooking with lasers, which is why this oven has a “specially designed ventilation system”. I’m guessing that this system fans away the odd scents that occur with laser cooking. Then again, I really don’t know much about cooking with lasers. Man, that sounds like some futuristic cooking show. “Hello, everyone, and welcome to Cooking with Lasers. Today we’ll be blasting a pot roast”.

That is about all my sources tell me about this particular oven, which is still a concept for “Cooking in the Futur”, an Electrolux competition. Personally, I think it is a neat idea whose time has come, and I hope designer Ludovic Peperstraete wins some sort of award for this.


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