Jointech JE100 e-book reader

by Mark R

jointech_je100_ebook_reader_1-480x480Ever since that Amazon Kindle DX came out, news of e-book readers has been spreading like weeds. I already reported on iRex’s promise of a full-color ebook reader by 2010, and Jointech, a company that I had previously never heard of, has just unveiled the JE100.

The Jointech JE100 has a 7-inch screen that uses an LCD touchscreen in lieu of e-ink. It also has a 400MHz CPU, 128MB of flash memory, and 64 MB worth of RAM. The user has the option of using Transflash cards for up to 4GB worth of extra storage.

The JE100 will also have Mobipocket Reader, as well as support for eReader and MSReader. Rumor has it that it will also have video and audio playback, with the possibility of viewing Microsoft Office documents.

Other features include an integrated speaker plus audio output socket, and the battery life is about 3-6 hours from the 1,500mAh pack. It also features two USB ports: one is for hooking up extra peripherals, and the other for hooking the e-reader to a computer, presumably.

As you can read, details are a little sketchy on the other features of this e-book reader. My sources don’t seem to know the release date or price.


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ferris Says: June 22, 2009 at 12:50 pm

Of course…. anyone who knows understands the whole point of not using LCD on an e-reader… battery consumption and eye-straing….

si kabayan Says: July 2, 2009 at 3:26 pm

yes… its LCD not eINK, and battery live only 6 hours in max? no way i prefer chose others 😉

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