The Park ‘N Place Garage Parking Aid

by Ally


It was a long time before I became used to actually parking my car in a garage and everyone has their tricks for dealing with getting in far enough.  The most common one I’ve seen is hanging a tennis ball from the ceiling, but that trick has its own list of problems.  You have to make sure it’s hung at just the right spot, which can be a little more tedious than utilizing a gadget such as this.

Just place it on the ground at the spot you need it, which is a touch more simple than trying to hang something from the ceiling.  Then when you’re pulling in, you have a big red indicator to let you know how far you can pull in.  To top it off, once your car bumps the sign, it has flashing lights that will go off on contact.  It’s also on a flexible stand, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the gadget.  There’s no assembly required and the batteries are included.  You can purchase it from Vat19 for $16.95.

Source: Techeblog

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