Rotary phone turned into desk lamp


One thing I’ve always preferred is to own an older retro looking phone.  However, I’m not so fond of actually using one as my main phone, since I like being able to move throughout the house without having a cord to deal with.  Which makes it a little pointless to even bother owning an older phone.  If you’re into the retro technology though, here’s a great idea on how to utilize that old phone.  This way it finds a new use and you don’t have to deal with a corded phone.

These are created just from a regular old plastic phone, which you could probably find at a thrift store if you don’t already own one.  Then the maker used flexible pipe and electric parts to create the lamp.  It’d definitely make a great lamp to have on your desk, especially since it could be easily repositioned and the angle of the light changed.  Sadly this isn’t something you can just purchase.  It’s a concoction cooked up by Junk+ion.  At least they were nice enough to list off the materials used though, so you could whip it up on your own.

Source: CoolBuzz