The PC Mouse Ladybird


Although this isn’t likely to appeal to the average geek, it might appeal to the very girly female and especially to young females.  This cute ladybug works as a mouse and gives your computer a less boring look.  After all, so often computer feature nothing but blacks and grays, which is fine, but it does get a touch monotonous.  It also doesn’t have quite the cartoon-like look that the other ladybug mouse I’ve seen had.  Since it’s not so cartoonish, it makes it a better prospect for women who enjoy anything with a ladybug theme.

It’s a mouse, so the specs are pretty basic, it’s thankfully an optical mouse.  I have on occasion come across a novelty mouse that wasn’t optical.  It connects through your USB port and since it is just a mouse it will of course work with either a PC or a Mac.  It’d be a great mouse to take to work if you can get away with it.  Just to add a little more color to your office environment.  The mouse is being sold through Lazy Bone UK and not at a bad price either.  You can purchase it for $28.95.