Placemat decked out with LED lights

by Ally


Although typically placemats don’t belong anywhere near a gadget blog, Sylvania has added a slight twist to their placemats.  Usually placemats look anything but chic and far from hi-tech.  These jet black placemats have added LED lights to give a little extra accent lighting.  It won’t work to illuminate anything though, it’s purely meant for decorative purposes.  Likely for candlelight dinners and that sort of thing.

You won’t have to worry about spills either, since they have thankfully treated the mats with Scotchgard to make sure they stay protected.  You won’t be able to machine wash these though, for obvious reasons.  Instead you’ll have to spot clean it to make sure that it keeps looking good.  The lights are battery powered, although it doesn’t say what type batteries you’ll need.  Likely it’ll end up being some kind of a watch battery.  These are sold in sets of two, for one of the sets it will cost you $24.99 from Sylvania.

Source: Ubergizmo

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