Combimouse: The Clash of Keyboard and Mouse

by Mark R

combimouseRemember in the mid-nineties when all those ergonomic keyboards started coming out? I remember all of those consumers who thought: “hey, that just looks weird”. This is exactly my thought when I first saw the Combimouse.

I mean, look at the half of the keyboard on the right, it looks like an arrow pointing to the left half! Actually, the purpose of that right side is to slide around on your desk just like your mouse, only without the shifting of your hand to click anything.

By the way, the right side of the keyboard only acts as a keyboard if there is no movement on it. Once there is movement, the cursor will move and the keys become mouse buttons.

According to my source, it has been successfully tested at Wichita State University. However, this looks like one of those devices that will require you to relearn something that you already know by instinct. Let’s hope the few seconds you shave off your day from shifting your hand from the keyboard to the mouse is worth this re-learning experience.

Of course, you never know what accessory will be the next big thing, even if the user has to change his or her lifestyle. If you want to be a co-investor on this, just head over to the Combimouse web site.


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