Samsung Pixon 12

by Mark R

samsungpixon12-sbSamsung Pixon 12 appears to be raising the standard for cellular phone cameras with an LED flash, a wide-angle 28mm lens, and a whopping 12 Megapixels. I’m sure there are cellular phones with a higher number of Megapixels, but most consumer digital cameras don’t go that high.

The Pixon 12 can also record video at 30fps for a resolution of 720 x 480. The photos or video footage can be viewed with the 3.1 inch full AMOLED touchscreen. Nice.

By the way, the Pixon 12 is also an HSPA and GPRS/EDGE phone, and comes with Wi-Fi, and FM tuner, and Bluetooth. Very nice!

I’m glad that Samsung has put so much work into the cellphone camera. I know that I have said this before, but why is it that every phone has to have an obligatory camera?

I remember seeing this ad where this guy has a fish tank, and it accidentally breaks. His first response is: “My insurance agent will never believe this”. Then his friend whips out his cell phone with the photographic evidence of the accident and says: “Yeah he will”.

I don’t remember what phone was used on that ad, but if it is a typical cellular phone camera, then there is really only a chance in a million that this person could get that perfect shot. Most pictures taken from my cellular phone camera have to be taken three times because they are too blurry or not enough light. Chime in with a comment if you’ve experienced this.

I wish I had more details from my source on the price and availability date on the Pixon 12, but it is lacking. This is not a slam on my source, because the Samsung site doesn’t seem to have any info on the Pixon 12 either. Let’s just hope you won’t have to pay extra for that fancy camera.


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Tez Says: June 4, 2009 at 10:24 am

Personally I hate my N95 8gb, its photos are worse than my old sony 3mp camera, and I wish I had never got rid of the sony it was simply a much better phone!

The Samsung Pixon m8800 from being locked to switching to camera mode and taking a photo takes 2 seconds (compared to about 9-12 seconds on my N95. I tested a Sony C905 and that took 4-5 seconds. I hope the Pixon 12 (M8910) is as fast as the Pixon m8800 because that along with the Xenon flash will make it the best camera phone by a mile!

B_E_N Says: July 6, 2009 at 7:27 am

My experience from Ericsson K750i ( 2,0 Mp ) is mindblowing !
My experience from Ericsson K800i ( 3,2 Mp -> that’s 60% increase over the K750i ) is very good
I assume THE SENSOR SIZE on the two consequtive models IS THE SAME, and the increased detail on the 3,2 Mp K800i is counteracted by increased noise which seem to have called for heavy noise reduction:
Fine lines are sharper – to a point. Even finer lines are simply lost: i.e.: textures on surfaces often lose nuances and detail.
And to make things worse, the inevitable smearing and blur caused by the noise reduction is counteracted by a substantial sharpening. A sharpening that makes edges raw and over-contrasty.
This jpeg-processing in the K800i is close to impossible to revert afterwards in post-processing.

On the contrary, in the K750i the slight lack of the finest details is easier to handle, and a gentle sharpening to some degre compensates that.
– – – – –
I’m sceptical to the insane Megapixel-race, but still curious as to whether a mobilephone will finally get a camera that takes really good pictures.

Why not shiftable lenses ? Like the revolver shift of the Kodak V610
So we can finally get true telephoto !? That would mean a world of difference regarding VERSATILITY of the camera.
It’s obvious Samsung want us to crop the part of the HUGE 12 Mpixel wide-angle pictures, to emulate a true telephoto lens, but that JUST DON’T WORK.
Anyone knows if the display is the same mindblowing 3,1″ – 480 X 800 (!) – as the Samsung Jet has got ?

John Says: September 26, 2009 at 4:30 am

I have a Samsung Pixon 12, It has a 12 mega pixels camera for better photography. My friend suggest me to buy this phone from here: at very low price in UK.

jack Says: October 22, 2009 at 7:48 pm

Indeed Pixon 12 is a great camera-phone. Number of pixel on the sensor is not the only factor enable good quality image. By the way the flash is XENON. Here is a good review :,39051199,44808983p,00.htm

jim dillane Says: March 17, 2010 at 5:41 pm

i am a camera geek and i would love to own and mind you but alas cant afford you im doing the lotto and maybe some day ?

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