Wireless grilling thermometer means freedom


My wife constantly complains that whenever we have a BBQ party, she never gets to see me because I’m always chained to the grill. But how else am I going to make sure the meat is grilled to perfection? Even with a meat thermometer, you leave a BBQ grill for too long you end up with charred beef … as in, to a cinder. The Grill Art Talking Remote Thermometer may mean freedom for those of us struggling with flames, wind, and smoke.

Like any other meat thermometer, you stick a probe in the meat, and set the thermometer to the required cooking temperature. Then when it goes off, the food is done. This is especially nice when you’re factoring in “carryover cooking” to get your meat to the proper temperature. But the advantage to Grill Alert Remote Thermometer is that it’s completely wireless – which lets cooks get up to 100 yards away from the grill (that’s some backyard). So, you can essentially set it and forget it. Then, when the meat reaches the temperature threshold, the Grill Alert alerts you by saying “almost done,” or “Done!” Then, you can excuse yourself from game and get your meat. There’s even a warning indicator should the temperature spike, indicating a flame up.

Available from Brookstone for about $70.

Hat Tip – Oh Gizmo!

2 thoughts on “Wireless grilling thermometer means freedom”

  1. I’ve found this to be quite handy when we are have a get together. You how it is when you get to playing with the kids, or cooling off in the pool sometimes the meal is forgot about until you see the smoke bellowing from the BBQ. At least with this talking thermometer, someone will hear it and remind the cook that dinner is now ready.

  2. That’s friggin awesome! I want it 🙂

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