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Pure Play Music, Ltd. has teamed up with WSA Distributing to launch a spanking new music download service that will offer content from both new as well as emerging artists. In the terms of agreement, WSA will frontline as Pure Play’s exclusive provider of microSD flashing and distribution in North America. Both companies have come together to co-develop an automated system which enables flashing music directly onto microSD memory cards, letting folks enjoy tunes on a regional and/or local basis. All mobile subscribers will benefit from a microSD card as long as selected mobile devices are purchased, and alternatively, they can opt to add a music accessory bundle with the purchase of any music capable phone. Regardless, all new users will receive a century of DRM-free tracks, alongside the capability of subscribing to the monthly service where up to 20 tracks can be downloaded monthly without forking out more than $5.

Several US carriers will launch the service from the 1st week of July onwards. According to Rick Sterger, COO at Pure Play Music, “With more that 50% of mobile devices having music capabilities, it is no longer necessary to carry two devices. With the design of this program the two companies believe they can educate users on the music capabilities of mobile devices at the point of sale. They predict that nearly all mobile device purchasers will walk out of their carrier store with 50 songs, ready to play, on their phone.”

Pure Play is rather different from what is available at this point in time, since this whole music infrastructure enables artists to self market their own music. The special and yet expansive distribution network aims to alter the way unsigned, emerging artists and indie acts get their brand of music played commercially. Well, that would open another can of worms as those who are underground get their music out in the open, receiving accolades from the so-called ‘commercial world’ while getting heckled by fellow indie bands for selling out, but that’s another can of worms altogether.

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