Nokia 6730 classic makes its way this month


Nokia has, in recent memory, revealed classic versions of its handsets from the same model number, and this time round we’re privy to the 6730 classic that will ship sometime this month, available worldwide exclusively in countries where Vodafone is a mobile carrier. Some of the more interesting features made available on the new Nokia 6730 classic would be mobile Internet, Vodafone Music Client and personal and business email access alongside mobile navigation capabilities. All of these will be powered by the Symbian S60 operating system, enabling customers to download additional applications straight from the Internet to suit their needs.

No longer do you need to get lost whenever you enter into unfamiliar territory with the Nokia 6730 classic, courtesy of its integrated GPS navigation. Just make sure you have subscribed to some sort of unlimited data plan if you want to take full advantage of it. Mobile navigation capabilities offered on the handset include accurate turn-by-turn instructions, allowing one to use but an address, a company or even a person to find their destination through the use of a comprehensive point of interest databases as well as both white and yellow pages information.

You will be able to choose from either black or white colors for the Nokia 6730 classic, and this is the perfect upgrade for users of the older Nokia 6500c or 6300 which were released quite some time ago. After all, shouldn’t your contract for either handset be up by now, allowing you to make a new choice? There is no word on pricing as at press time, but that will depend on which country it is released in as well as how long you want to tie yourself down to a particular contract for. Bear in mind this isn’t a high-end handset, but is functional enough to be above average – those who want something flashier would do well to consider an iPhone 3G or the upcoming Palm Pre instead.

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