The Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


When you’re lazing about in the pool, that is the one time you should never ever be lacking music.  Without music, you’re left listening to your own thoughts or even worse, birds.  We all know that’s no fun and not fulfilling in the least.  You need music to play and loudly.  Well with this speaker around you can float it right alongside of you and never have to worry about getting out of the water to crank the volume.  Just add a little alcohol to the mix and you have the perfect at home vacation.

Since it uses Bluetooth, you’ll have to have an MP3 player with Bluetooth or a phone with MP3s on it, such as an iPhone.  As long as you have that handy, it’ll play your music, but be sure to keep it within 30 feet of the speaker.  When a call comes in, it’ll just stop playing music.  One down side to setting your device so far away is that in order to skip a song you would have to get out, unless you get a waterproof case for that as well.  You can pick up the speaker for $40 on Chinavasion.

Source: Technabob