Minus Trashcan Concept eliminates trashcan odor

by Ally


It’s funny that I should come across this trashcan now, since I just this morning remembered that I tossed a touch of raw meat into the trashcan two days ago.  Two days old raw meat that sits in room temperature makes for a charming smell in the kitchen.  Even after I took the trash bag out, the damage was done, so now my kitchen has a fairly strong odor to it that will take a little while to go away.  Now, if I had this trashcan around, none of this would have ever happened.  The food wouldn’t have spoiled so quickly and I wouldn’t need a face mask to toss things into the trash.

This odd looking trashcan does all this by utilizing a UV light and keeping your trash cool.  If the trash stays cool and you have a UV light to kill off the bacteria, you wouldn’t have nearly as much of a problem with stinky trash.  Of course this is only a concept design, as most brilliant ideas tend to be.  There is also the snag that adding that much technology to a trashcan means that you’re going to be paying quite a bit for such a small convenience.  For now, we’ll just have to attempt to remember to take out the trash a bit sooner when we toss away something that could spoil.

Source: OhGizmo

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C Says: June 1, 2009 at 2:04 pm

You posted this POS shit before. There are few gadgets as disgustingly wasteful as this one. The only other one that springs to mind right now is the mosquito laser defense.

Meanwhile, across the world people starve to death.

Still, we’ve got frozen, bacteria free rubbish, so I guess it’s all good, eh?

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