CableDrop keeps cords in place

by Ally


Sometimes the all time best accessories for your gadgets are the most simple ones.  Not everything has to be excessively complicated.  Sometimes it’s enough that it just adds a little extra convenience to make your life a bit easier.  Most have probably unplugged their laptop or unplugged a USB cable only to watch it drop behind your desk.  Then you have the joy of digging it out and trying not to hit your head on a keyboard tray.  With these cable clips, it prevents the cord from instantly falling out of your reach.

Just peel the adhesive off of the bottom of the CableDrop and it’ll stick to your desk or any other surface.  There are two different sets, the bright colors include yellow, purple and bright green, the muted colors include white, brown and black.  With these around you could even conveniently attach your earbuds to the side of your monitor.  Keeping them out of the way, but still within grasp.  A three pack of these will cost you $9.95.

Source: Bltd

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Aliza G Says: May 29, 2009 at 6:34 pm

I just purchased six/6 of these fo $9.95 from their website. I need these!!!

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