15 Second Pool Water Tester


pool-water-testerLook before you leap – that’s one common piece of advice that many have taken for granted. However, with the plethora of diseases and danger assailing the average homo sapiens from all sides, it doesn’t hurt one bit to be extra cautious these days, hence the 15 Second Pool Water Tester.

This is the handheld device that automatically measures your pool’s water conditions within 15 seconds. It removes all the guesswork employed by systems that require you to compare a test result with a reference chart. Dipping one of the 25 included test strips into the water and placing it into the tester delivers a precise reading of the three most commonly tested pool water parameters: free chlorine, pH, and total alkalinity. The easy-to-read LCD provides a clear digital readout of results, indicating if each of the readings are high, low, or within recommended levels–it also stores up to nine previous test results.

Powered by a couple of AA batteries, folks who do a fair bit of traveling while bringing their swimsuit/trunks with them wherever they go might want to consider investing $69.95 by picking this up.

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