Samsung netbooks to leverage SRS TruSurround XT and SRS WOW XT



Samsung looks set to up the ante when it comes to audio quality in their N120 and N310 netbooks by offering SRS TruSurround XT technology that ultimately churns out surround sound over a couple of speakers, while SRS WOW XT will make room for improved stereo imaging and bass response. The former is a solution that processes multichannel content to create compelling and immersive surround sound over a netbook’s two stereo speakers or headphones. Users who are sensitive to audio quality will also be able to notice improved audio clarity and low frequency response that offers deep, rich bass. In addition, dialog quality has been improved, allowing room for the spoken word to be lifted above the chaos of sound effects and background music, making it clear and distinct in its own right. Sounds like just the thing for folks who love to watch movies on their netbooks.

As for SRS WOW XT, this technology was specially designed to improve the quality of mono and stereo audio playback on virtually any mobile device by delivering powerfully rich bass for games and music over closely spaced speakers for stereo separation. When you pair that up with a good set of headphones, SRS WOW XT will offer a superior immersive listening experience compared to what you normally get with the same pair of headphones sans SRS WOW XT. It would be interesting to see just how many people will make their purchase decision on both the N120 and N310 based on the inclusion of these audio technologies, since most folks would get either more for their portability first instead of multimedia ability.

According to Kyu Uhm Eom, PC Division Marketing Vice President of Samsung Electronics, “SRS is a fantastic technology provider and has been an instrumental partner of ours for many years; we are thrilled to expand our deployment of SRS’s fine audio solutions further in our PC line-up, providing our netbook computers with superior audio enhancement technology. “With the integration of SRS audio solutions, we are more than confident that our netbook PCs will continue our tradition of offering class-leading performance, allowing our consumers to truly enjoy a no-compromise, remarkable audio experience for all their multimedia applications.”

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