The Ninja Shuriken shaped USB Drive


The little rubber USB ninjas were cool and all, but they couldn’t possibly top this new USB drive.  Nothing tops a Shuriken shaped USB drive, actually USB manufacturers might as well stop now.  There’s no point in going on to create supposedly new and improved drives when the all time best drive has already been created.  Granted, this can’t be used as a real Shuriken, which is a little disappointing.  I’m willing to overlook that part though.

They have all kinds of warnings about handling with care due to sharp edges, but anyone who carries a USB Shuriken doesn’t bleed.  Everyone knows that.  Sadly it only holds 2GB,  but yet again that can be overlooked based on the shape of the drive.  I’m a little curious what they used to create the USB drive, if it’s just cheap plastic or a metallic type material.  Either way though, they don’t list it on the product page.  This will cost you ¥ 10,500.00 or a whopping $108.

Source: Akihabara

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