Dell unveils Studio 14z for students



Dell will be targeting students as well as young professionals with their latest release – the Dell Studio 14z. This new notebook is out pretty early in the summer, considering most students would want to take a break from all things study, but hey – at least it helps folks who want to ensure they are prepared early enough for the next semester in school or college. With this notebook, you can expect a healthy balance of work and play, considering it will be powered by the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics processor that offers enough graphical firepower to load the occasional game or two and handle HD video when one wants to take a break from all that studying.

According to Dell, the GeForce 9400M in the Dell Studio 14z is able to deliver up to five times faster graphics performance compared to Centrino 2 notebooks when it comes to accelerate image editing, video playback and video conversion. The inclusion of vReveal enables the Studio 14z to fix grainy, shaky video in double quick time when placed side-by-side with comparable notebooks, while allowing you to upload your video to YouTube in minutes for folks who always love to be first. After all, we do know how college kids are, with the obsession of racing against one another to see who can update about a particular happening or social event to their blogs/video sites first.

Depending on what you decide to throw inside, prices for the Dell Studio 14z will start from $649 upwards, making it “the most affordable GeForce 9400M GPU-based notebook in North America”. Despite the relatively cheap price tag, don’t be fooled into thinking that it isn’t able to deliver a potent punch – you will benefit from a superb high definition Blu-ray movie experience if you decide to settle on the optional Blu-ray drive, and with HDMI output, you can even enjoy Blu-ray movies on your home’s HDTV by hooking it up.

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