Roxio makes VHS to DVD conversion a snap



While the world has long stopped worshiping VHS tapes, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone on this earth using VHS tapes in their hopes or offices any more. After all, many Third World countries that have yet to make the jump across the digital divide still rely heavily upon this analog format to store their favorite memories on video. Granted, finding a working VHS player these days is pretty hard to do so, and if yours is still working, take good care of it! The repair cost will be astronomical, where most repairmen would recommend you to pick up a new DVD recorder instead. For those who still have a working VHS player and a bunch of VHS tapes sitting at home, why not immortalize them for posterity in a modern digital format? This is made possible with Roxio’s Easy VHS to DVD for Mac – a choice combination of hardware and software.

All you need to do to convert your bunch of analog content into the digital format would be to hook up the included USB video capture device to a Mac’s USB 2.0 port, where it allows you to record from virtually any analog video source. Both S-Video and composite-video input cables allow for full resolution DVD recording from a plethora of ancient devices including VCRs, VCR/DVD combo players and analog camcorders like those archaic Hi8 and V8 models. When transferred over to DVD, the story does not end there since you will have the advantage of exporting it to iMovie for further editing. In fact, I remember walking past a photo shop just last night when it had a banner hanging outside, saying “Save is not safe!” – so saving all those analog VHS tapes might be folly in the long run, why not transfer them over to the digital format for added peace of mind? Roxio’s Easy VHS to DVD for Mac will cost you $79.99.

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