The USB U-Shape i-Speaker


This small little speaker reminds me of an Acme magnet that if larger would be used to somehow attempt to catch and kill the infamous Road Runner.  There really is no point to the shape of the speaker, I’m not even sure they’re attempting to get it to look like anything in particular.  That does seem a bit on the odd side, but at least it still plays your music well enough and out loud.

The speaker has a built-in Lithium Ion battery that can be recharged by plugging it into your USB port.  It has a dual 36mm speaker with volume control and a 2W + 2W power output.  It can of course just plug into any device with a 3.5mm audio plug, which means iPods, PC, Mac, MP3 players and so on.  It comes in two different colors, one red with white tips and one blue with the same white tips.  You can purchase it for $19 from USB Geek.

Source: GeekAlerts