Orange Foot Pump can Charge a Cell Phone

by Mark R

orangepowerpump2-small1I used to have a rubber raft that required a foot pump to inflate. It took a lot of foot motion to get that raft inflated, and I never really thought about using that energy to power a mobile device.

It would appear that the UK cellular company Orange has figured out how to channel the power of a good idea. In fact, this device can “generate enough energy to power five minutes of call time in the time it takes to inflate a pillow”.

One can only assume that the pillow is a regular sized pillow, but I wish they would have used a measurement that would have used the number of actual pumps. As I recall, it took about a half-hour of foot pumps to fully inflate my two-man raft, so who knows how long it would take for that precious 5 minutes of talk time.

The press release says that it is “no bigger than a packet of Wet Wipes” for a size comparison. Clearly, this Orange Power Pump must be targeted for parents, who know what it is like to travel with Wet Wipes. Believe me, I know this. For those who don’t know, the actual measurements are 154mm x 129mm x 47mm. Now those are some precise stats.

Orange plans to display this Power Pump at the Glastonbury 2009 Festival, but there is no word on a price. Personally, I think that foot pumps are probably the way to go as far as pollution free mobile power is concerned.


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Chris Nee Says: May 26, 2009 at 2:19 am

Now I get that it would be a good idea for things like Glastonbury, where it’s impossible to get to the mains, but I reckon that’s about the limit of this.

If we’re going to carry something to charge our phones, it’ll be a charger (unless we’re very environmentally friendly), and that will be significantly smaller than this bad boy.

Still, nice stunt. I think it’s pretty cool but it’s not going to change the world.

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