Microsoft outs new mice

ms-bluetrack-6000Microsoft is back with a couple of pieces of new hardware for the computing masses – the Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 and the Wireless Mouse 5000. For starters, Microsoft is no slouch when it comes to computing hardware as one of their more memorable releases in the past would be the ergonomic keyboard that split halfway down the middle. I found it to be extremely comfortable to type all those years ago, but there is one reason that I did not find it conducive for gaming – it could not cater to my bounded keys in Quake. Well, all that is but a distant memory by now, so let’s take a closer look at both the Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 and Wireless Mouse 5000 right after the jump.

With notebook and netbook sales combined far outpacing that of the ordinary desktop, it makes perfect sense to release a product that caters to those who do plenty of traveling with their computer. Enter the new Microsoft BlueTrack Technology mice, where the Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 will be the first product from Microsoft that boasts a nano transceiver, allowing you to leave it plugged in even when traveling without having it to jut out like a sore thumb as found in other wireless mice. With BlueTrack Technology, it allows you to surf on more difficult surfaces such as carpet, granite and marble – something the best optical and laser mice cannot do.

As for the Wireless Mouse 5000, this model will rely on 2.4GHz wireless technology alongside a plug-and-play mini transceiver, making it the perfect notebook PC companion on yor travels. We don’t suppose this is a slouch in performance, and think that it is good for casual gaming although anything more serious than that doesn’t seem too likely. You can pick up the Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 and Wireless Mouse 5000 for $49.95 and $39.95, respectively, when they arrive sometime next month. Each purchase will be backed by an international 3-year limited warranty.

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