Kokoro concept beats to your heart


heartbeat-djOnce in a while comes along a concept that is extremely appealing to us that we can’t help but wonder about the possibilities of its impact should it ever make its way to the real world. As you all know, music is a great motivator throughout the history of mankind. How else would you explain the drums of war (literally) whenever armies step onto the battlefield last time? How about the rousing sounds of horns and trumpet blasts to raise morale of the troops (in addition to the customary leader’s speech on horseback, of course)? Well, fast forward to the modern day era and we have MP3s of our favorite artists to rouse us into action instead, albeit on the same concept. With music being the great motivator, it makes perfect sense for the ‘kokoro’ concept to be materialized – as long as the right tunes accompany the different emotional stages we go throughout the day, of course.

One way to make sure that our music helps influence our moods and actions would be to synchronize the tunes to our activity, and that will involve a whole lot of planning ahead as well as conjuring your own sophisticated playlists. The ‘kokoro’ concept makes life much more easier by doing the thinking for you, so to speak. In fact, it will rely on your heartbeat as an emotion indicator (although that is not always the most accurate but it should be good enough for the layman). For example, our heartbeat is slow when we’re relaxed, while whenever we’re stressed or involved in a high intensity workout, our heartbeat rate increases by more than double. The ‘kokoro’ werable playlist generator comes with a Polar heartrate sensor which transmits that data to an iPod, where it will then select tunes from your existing music library to match the current heartrate.

Of course, you can always choose to have the ‘kokoro’ do the opposite – play a faster paced song whenever you’re burning your thighs on the cycling machine, and vice versa.

Source: talk2myshirt

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