Vivitar V3800N makes a return

vivitar-3800Just when you thought that analog digital cameras were dead and buried due to the proliferation of digital cameras all over the world, along comes the Vivitar V3800N from Sakar International that aims to make a splash in the non-digital camera world by offering a noteworthy device without breaking the bank in the process. The Vivitar V3800N is a formidable piece of hardware, where the manual 35mm single lens reflex model will come in varying prices between $169 and $199, depending on what you want to include in the package. It will go totally old school, utilizing the classic focal plane shutter that inspired the term ‘shutterbug’ all those years ago.

Before we delve a little further about this manual camera, here is a little history lesson. The V3800N had been all but discontinued before Sakar purchased the Vivitar brand last year, and only resumed volume manufacturing of the camera due to overwhelming response on both retailer and consumer sides. After all, the retail market has had a dearth of a comparable camera for many a year already, making in all but impossible for folks who want to pick up core photography skills including setting aperture and mechanical shutter controls to pursue their interests further. Hence, the dusting off of the 3800N’s production lines to keep it going when everyone else prefers the digital format.

The re-release of the Vivitar V3800N is also part of Sakar’s “big picture” strategy to leverage the reputation of the 71-year-old Vivitar brand to expand its footprint in the camera business. After all, Vivitar was founded before World War II in 1938, and has an extremely strong brand name to leverage upon, making great cameras on both the digital and film fronts. Currently, their digital camera line includes entry-level VGA cameras to 12-megapixel monsters with zoom optics that works for both the amateur and serious digital photographer. Each Vivitar V3800N you pick up will come with either a 50mm lens or a 28-70mm zoom lens, depth-of-field preview, bright viewfinder with split-image focusing, multi-exposure capability, 10-second self-timer, and X Contact hot shoe for add-on flash. It features shutter speeds of 1 to 1/2000 sec, accepts ISO 25-3200 film speeds. You will be able to pick it up in three different configurations – with a 50mm lens, with a 28-70mm zoom lens, and with a 50mm lens bundled with a flash, UV protective filter, roll of black and white film, and a rugged gadget bag.

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