Thanko’s very compact water-proof camera

by Ally


If you enjoy being under water, then I suppose you should have a way to capture those memories.  Especially if you’re out in the ocean and have managed to find a spot with lots of brightly colored fish.  Thankfully, the infamous Thanko has you covered.  They’ve created a camera to go underwater that won’t have to be held.  This tube camera will take your underwater pictures and give the view from the side of your head.  Which might be difficult if you want a very precise shot, but would be great for general pretty underwater pictures.

The Thanko camera also can record video and has 2GB of internal memory to store it on.  The video records in 320×240 resolution at 25fps.  The camera will withstand the water up to 20m down.  To keep it powered, you’ll need to charge it for 2 hours in order to get 2-3 hours of use.  You can attach this to your goggles or Thanko provides a headband.  Although the headband works, somehow it looks even more dorky than wearing the camera on a set of goggles.  To purchase the camera as of now, you’ll have to be in Japan and pay up $130.  Although it’s possible that it’ll make its way onto the Thanko store branch that allows for the rest of the world to pick it up.

Source: Crunchgear

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