Nottable the versatile laptop stand

by Ally


If you’ve ever been laid up sick or injured and bored out of your mind, you probably wish you’d have had this around.  It holds your laptop as well as leaves room for a mouse.  It has all kinds of spots that it can bend, which would make it great to use on a sick day.  You could lay in bed and not have to sit up in order to work or do a little gaming.  Actually the more lazy gamers might want one of these purely so that they have more positions they can lazily play their games in.

The Nottable has a robotic arm with three joints, each one can bend up to a full 90 degrees or can be set straight.  Basically all of the joints allow for you to put the stand in all kinds of various positions.  It can accommodate when you’re sitting in a chair, laying in bed, standing or even sitting on the floor itself.  That’d be especially great for those that go crazy if they sit in the same spot for too long.  It can be picked up in graphite, black, red, gold and blue.  They don’t mention a price, but it’s unlikely that this will be very cheap.

Source: Likecool

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