Sonix7 Media Pro

by Mark R

sonix7-media-pro-1A few weeks ago, I reported on the SlotRadio from SanDisk. I believe that I said something about it being a Portable Media Player (PMP) that your mother or grandmother could use because of its simplicity. I mean, who wouldn’t like a PMP that comes preloaded with 1,000 hit songs?

Now there is the Sonix7 Media Pro. This one PMP has an outstanding feature: a very long battery life. How many other PMPs have 20 hours of video playback (30 hours of audio) on a single charge? Not only that, but it has a 3.2 inch touchscreen with an “easy to use animated menu”.

You think that is cool, then listen to this: it supports MP4, AVI, and Xvid formats. It also has eBook capability, and even has a digital and video camera! Yeah, don’t ask me how that was put in. I don’t really see a lens on this.

Like Coolest Gadgets, this Sonix7 Media Pro comes from the land of Britain, and it costs $136 (£90) for the 8GB model, and $159 (£105) for the 16GB version. According to Sonix7, it has a 77 percent bigger screen than an iPod Nano, and costs £42 cheaper than an iPod nano. Nice!


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