Black Apple Shaped Mini Speaker

by Ally


Purely for logic reasons, when it comes to small portable speakers, I prefer a more flat design.  It just makes things easier for those that prefer to be able to toss the speaker in their pocket when it’s not in use.  Although this apple isn’t exceptionally large, it still has that round shape making it a little more awkward to carry around.  However, if you’re not one that really carries things in your pockets, then this strangely black apple would still be a decent option for your musical needs.

It uses a 3.5mm plug to hook into your MP3 player and includes a USB cable to be wired into your PC.  It also includes a neck strap, so that you can look super cool with a black apple dangling from your neck.  The obnoxious part about ordering this speaker is that you have no way to know the actual dimensions of the apple.  It’d be nice if they listed information like that.  They do at least list that the speaker weighs 85g.  You can purchase it for  $9.99 from Sourcing Map.

Source: ChipChick

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Lluvia Says: May 20, 2009 at 6:46 am


* Enjoy your music anytime and anywhere with this Apple Shape Sound Box
* Black Apple Shape 3.5mm Mini Speaker Sound Box for MP3
* This Apple Shape Speaker with black color, 3.5mm plug sound box is suitable for notebook, PC, MP3 and device with 3.5mm output
* Blue indicator when powered on ( a button for operation )
* Used for charging the equipment with USB power interface
* MP3 Mini Speaker with audio in 3.5mm plug and USB cable
* Power switch off/on
* Comes with a neck string, easy to carry
* This Speaker with built-in rechargeable lithium battery


* Output Power: 2W
* Mini Speakers frequency response: 200Hz-12 KHz
* Speaker: 50mm speaker, 4 ohms
* Cord plug; 3.5mm
* Color: black
* Size: 8 x 4cm
* Usb cable length: 74cm
* Weight: 85g

Package Contents:

* 1 x 3.5mm Sound Box
* 1 x USB Cable
* 1 x Neck strap

Stinger Says: May 27, 2009 at 7:13 am

What the hell is it?! If you prefer a more flat portable speaker you could do a lot worse than the KBox from Kerchoonz. I’ve recently ordered one as I’ve been looking around for something a bit special in the portable speaker department. The problem I’ve found is they are either ugly and/or rubbish sounding. You can find out more about the KBox at but it uses gel audio technology and basically if you sit it on a table, the whole table becomes a speaker! I can’t wait to get mine!!

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