InfiniTrax Micro R/C Racetrack


infinitrax-micro-rcRegardless of how old you are, chances are a part of you wants to own a remote control toy car at one point in time or another. Well, ThinkGeek might have just the right tonic for you with the InfiniTrax Micro R/C Racetrack.

Tiny R/C vehicles… once the stuff of science fiction, are now trumping the slot car as the mini racing vehicle of choice. Problem is, with no well defined track and fuzz and cookie crumbs all over your carpet, serious racing is pretty much impossible. Now the InfiniTrax Micro R/C Racetrack gives you a smooth re-configurable racing surface perfect for small wheeled vehicles of all varieties. With 19 track sections and a checkered finish line, you can make dozens of different racing challenges.

Unfortunately, the $44.99 InfiniTrax Micro R/C Racetrack will not be equipped with any vehicles as you’ll need to come up with your very own, so expect to drop a fair amount of dollars if you want an exciting time.

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