Firefly Accent Lamp brings bugs inside


Accent lamps and lighting are usually things you think of indoors, but not always outdoors.  Yes, we have our string lights and lights that are sticking out of the ground, but no accent lamps.  Well if you have a living area outdoors, you might as well give it the same love you would the inside.  Which means giving a little more creative lighting for your deck.  This firefly would show your love of summer nights and still give a soft glow while you’re outside enjoying the evening.

Of course this would be better suited in a closed in deck, because it does have to be plugged in with a regular cord. That also means although it would look cute outside, it’d work for inside easily as well.  It uses up to a 12 watt bulb, but they suggest if you want to add to the effect, put in a flickering bulb.  Then it would appear as if your firefly flickers just like the real thing.  Maybe it’ll even attract a second Firefly Accent Lamp.  You can purchase the lamp for $24.95 from Signals.

Source: NerdApproved