Dotz help identify electrical cords

by Ally


Crawling behind tables, desks and cabinets and trying to figure out what cord goes with what electronic is always obnoxious.  There’s always the joyous task of having one person hold onto the cord while you’re crawling on the ground tugging on cords until they feel a pull.  Then there’s always the trick of running your hands down the length of the cord and contorting your body to reach all the way.  Instead of going through all of that, you could pick up a pack of these Dotz.

Each of these Dotz clip onto the end of the cord and all are completely reusable.  Then with each pack comes inserts to show what the cord belongs to, with icons that indicate you’re looking at the phone cord, lamp, radio, etc.  These come in all different combination packs, but the Identifier Home Essentials one includes 10 reusable dotz, 24 punch out icons and 12 DIY punch out icons.  Each of the combo packs will cost you $9.99.

Source: Crunchgear

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Sam Lamp Says: May 14, 2009 at 2:37 am

I love these. I have tried a few different things like colored zip ties but if you don’t remember whats what it doesn’t help. Great idea.

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