Mirrored TVs could make their mark


majestic-mirrorWith the advent of technology when it comes to flat screen displays, we’re pleased to find out that the innovation curve has not ended just yet. Granted, a name like Majestic Mirror and Frame might not be recognized among consumers as a company that produces flat panel displays, but those in the know will realize that this is a leader in framed and back lit mirrors for the hospitality industry. Imagine having Majestic Mirror and Frame work together with ToteVision, the industry’s premier manufacturer of small screen, commercial-grade LCD TVs and monitors, resulting in a spanking new Mirrored TV solution specially meant for the hospitality market. This new product line can be found in virtually any shape or size, specifically manufactured to the tune of their customer’s song. It will feature best-in-class mirror components alongside the state of the art LCD TV technology to a superior Mirrored TV experience in the hospitality industry without burning huge holes in a company’s budget.

Majestic’s Mirrored TVs will come in two standard design variations, where the first is a seamless vanishing mirror while the other will be a slightly seamed vanishing mirror with reflective mirror plating. Both models are fully customizable, being able to take on virtually any workable shape or size, leveraging plenty on its low-profile design depth that measures approximately 1.5″. Installation is also a no-brainer, taking mere minutes to install, which will further reduce labor costs by a rather significant amount especially when you’re a hotel with thousands of rooms that will be upgraded with this.

According to Alan Mandel, CEO of Majestic Mirror and Frame, “A mirrored TV solution should not compromise the detail quality of the mirror, or the viewing experience associated with the TV just because the two are being integrate into a different form factor. Our new product utilizes high-quality components that we feel deliver the best reflective and transmissive qualities on the market. When you combine this with our competitive price point and the fact that we offer US-based support and service for customers, our new product is a powerful option for customers. We work with the world’s leading hospitality franchises including Marriott, Starwood, Hyatt, Ritz Carlton, Hilton, Sheraton and many more. By partnering with ToteVision we’re raising the bar in this space for our clientele.”

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