iHome Studio Series iP1

ihome_ip1_610x334It is always refreshing to see what iHome is up to. Last time, we covered the small iHM77RC Portable Multimedia Speakers, but iHome has really upped its game as far as iPod/iPhone docks are concerned.

The iP1 Studio Series Model has “museum quality” speakers, which apparently means they are made up of smoked acrylic. It is nice to know that someone has finally made an iPod dock that looks like a boom box. After all, iPod and iPhone docks are a dime a dozen, but the iP1 looks like an iPod dock on crack.

According to the specs, these speakers are “100 watt class D biamplified architecture with Bongiovi sound processing through twin 4-inch woofers and matched 1-inch dome tweeters”. If you aren’t familiar with Bongiovi, he is a music producer, and the second cousin of Jon Bon Jovi. Yes, Tony Bongiovi invented the Acoustics Digital Power Station, “an active digital signal processor that the company says makes the MP3s sound better”.

This Digital Power Station is on the iP1. Other features include GSM shielding for the iPhone, and a video out port in case you want to watch video from the iPod or iPhone.

The iHome Studio Series iP1 will be available in July, for a projected retail price of about $300.