Space Invaders t-shirts


space-invaders-shirtI guess that there can never be enough retro t-shirts around, and this time round we’re treated to the eye-popping Space Invaders Light Up T-Shirt. It targets geeks who know how to have a good time winding down after a hard day at work.

The ultimate in clubwear, this fully-licensed, 100% cotton tee features a flashing, glowing Space Invader that’s sure to wow anyone who claps eyes on it. We guarantee onlookers will forgive your nerdish leanings the second you start flashing at them. Powered by a discreet removable battery pack hidden in the hem, the pulsating electro-luminescent panel will flummox and mesmerize in equal measure.

Since each Space Invader character has become an instantly recognizable icon, it makes perfect sense to be able to choose from four designs that are well-loved characters from the seminal game. You can’t really get a cooler piece of apparel than this £24.95 t-shirt, just remember to remove the battery pack before you send it for washing!

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