Phonenix Technologies unveil Bluetooth Proximity Lock System


freezePhoenix Technologies has just announced the release of Phoenix Freeze, a patent-pending solution for laptops and netbooks that helps increase data security by providing users with a convenient, always-on Bluetooth proximity system which will lock down a laptop automatically whenever the user walks away from it. It will require a (naturally) Bluetooth-enabled cell phone and a Bluetooth-enabled laptop, and will be so easy to setup that you don’t have to worry about anyone snooping around behind your back on your computer anymore whenever you go off for a toilet or cigarette break. In addition, there is no need to waste time (hey, those few seconds add up over the years as a cubicle drone, you know) in constantly locking and unlocking the PC with passwords or finger swipes.

The Freeze laptop proximity lock need not be a standalone security detail for your laptop though, as it can always be use to augment the current setup by being part of a multifaceted authentication process. Those who are interested will be able to download Freeze, while PC OEMs have the choice to incorporate it into new laptops. Freeze, in essence, introduces a second level of laptop security to FailSafe, a true embedded and innovative theft deterrence and data loss protection technology. Should your laptop go missing due to carelessness or theft, FailSafe allows you to lock down your hard drive, erase all data within and disable and trace the location of their laptop completely. When coupled with Freeze, this results in what some might tout to be a comprehensive security ecosystem on their laptops that safeguards their digital lives.

So far, Freeze has proven to be a worthy servant on Windows XP and Vista-powered machines, so it remains to be seen whether it will play nice with Windows 7 or not. Nice to know you can even set the length of the proximity zone, making sure you can lock down the laptop before it even gets out of your sight.

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