Eye-Fi supports automatic video uploading

eye-fiWe’ve covered Eye-Fi products in the past before, and we must say that we’re pretty impressed to see such wireless technology enabled in an SD memory card to date in order to enhance the functionality of other devices such as PDAs, smartphones and digital cameras. Well, nice to see Eye-Fi not resting on their laurels but instead striving to offer something better to consumers, where their latest efforts involve a new range of wireless memory cards which enable automatic uploading of videos directly from a digital camera to various online websites such as Picasa Web Albums, Photobucket or SmugMug, alongside mainstays such as YouTube or Flickr – all without the need to even power on a computer. Lesser civilizations would have classified this as voodoo or black magic, but we know otherwise.

The new 4GB Eye-Fi Share Video and Eye-Fi Explore Video cards were specially designed to upload photos and videos straight to the computer as well as to over 25 online photo and video sharing sites. The latter will also have the distinction of automatically geotagging photos and videos alongside location information about where the image or video was shot, giving users the convenience of accessing Wi-Fi hotspots from over 10,000 Wayport and open hotspot locations in the U.S. to upload away from home. This makes updating live blogs as well as live coverage of press conferences a snap, especially when you have a device that records video in a YouTube-friendly format so that you don’t need to bother with optimizing the video on a computer before uploading.

Those who are interested in the 4GB Eye-Fi Share Video and 4GB Eye-Fi Explore Video will be able to pick them up for $79 and $99, respectively, from Apple Retail Stores and Best Buy locations nationwide. We’re sure bloggers would make up for a sizeable portion of the customer base considering how we love being the latest and most up-to-date when it comes to delivering news to our readership. Al, do you think this will come in handy for the CG team at CES next year?

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