Sap Cap is your tool in self defense

by Ally


Finding a way to make sure that you have a little something extra for self defense that is convenient for you can sometimes be a bit of a task.  Carrying around a small keychain of pepper spray isn’t for everyone, partially because they’re so bulky to have hanging from your keys.  Plus it’s not really a guy thing to do, so instead you could go for the more subtle approach.  If you wear hats all the time anyway, no one will notice the difference about you wearing this around.  All the while you’re wearing this around it has a hidden way of getting someone to back off pretty quick.

Although it just looks like your average plain hat, and frankly an extremely boring hat at that.  This hat contains a unique impact material, which is actually 110% the density of lead and will never rust.  When you need something to get someone to back off, just grab the bill of the hat and swing.  It will either shut them up or really make them mad, so you might want to make a quick escape.  Hopefully even with such a heavy density, it’s still comfortable.  The hat can be purchased for $30.

Source: OhGizmo

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Tim Says: June 7, 2009 at 11:20 am

How much does the hat weigh? Does it come with any choice of logos or designs? Looks interesting.

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