Thrustmaster offers new accessories for Nintendo DSi



Thrustmaster is more often a name synonymous with joysticks for computers for those who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, but they’re still around to this day without really releasing anything groundbreaking to date – which is rather surprising, actually. Well, as long as they’re around, it is interesting to note their new releases for the gaming world. This time round, they’ve delved into the arena of portable gaming machines, with the recently released Nintendo DSi being their target. Thrustmaster has revealed a couple of intelligent charging solutions that are well-suited to the multiple applications offered by this highly innovative, yet power-consuming handheld console.

The Nintendo DSi isn’t a large handheld console by any means, and if you’ve played both the DS and the PSP, you’ll know what I mean. The former might even be a wee bit too small for those with large hands, and many people have already complained about experiencing cramps after prolonged hours of gaming. Well, Thrustmaster has something for the lazy with the T-Standee Charger, a multi-position docking station that boasts a streamlined and elegant design which allows the DSi to be charged while being able to play without having to expend additional energy in holding it.

Of course, as one knows, the Nintendo DSi isn’t only a gaming machine as it can be used to surf the Internet, mix music and even view photos and videos with the right kind of software. We would say this comes in handy when you’re lazing around in your bed and want something else to prop the DSi up at your convenience. In addition, the rotating mechanism is perfect for users to adjust the console’s angle in all directions. This amount of flexibility paves the way for optimum comfort, regardless of whether you’re in the midst of a horizontally or vertically aligned game at that point in time.

The other accessory from Thrustmaster is the first personal charger for DSi and DS Lite which has been integrated straight into the console’s wrist strap, known as the T-Strap Charger. The T-Strap Charger looks like a standard wrist strap complete with a safety slider, albeit with the addition of a clever charging case. The case can be divided into 2, revealing a couple of charging connectors where one of them is hooked up to the console while the other connects to a powered USB port.

The T-Standee Charger and T-Strap Charger will retail for $12.99 and $7.99, respectively, with the former hitting retail stores this June while the latter will be out in mid-May.

Source: Engadget

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