The Coby MP3 Player with 1GB Flash Memory and Speaker System


Keeping music going can sometimes be a pricey task.  If you pick up an iPod, even the smallest of them, the Shuffle, it’s still expensive.  Then if you want portable speakers you have even more money coming out of pocket.  If you aren’t that worried about having the absolute best sound quality out there, it is possible to bargain hunt. Likely this is one of the cheapest deals you’ll find to help with your music fix.

It offers a 1GB flash memory combined with a stereo speaker system.  It’ll play MP3 and WMA music files.  Although 1GB isn’t much, there are likely those out there that really don’t need something with a lot of storage.  Plus the smaller drives are better for taking around with you to the gym or other places when you need extreme portability.  It doesn’t come with a set of earbuds, but at least you’ll have a set of speakers.  The speakers can hook up to anything with a 3.5mm stereo plug.  You can purchase this set for the extremely affordable price of $14.09 from Amazon.

Source: ChipChick