Rocky The Monster Speakers for the young at heart

by Ally


If you’re buying speakers for a kid or just a kid at heart, this would be a fun one to have around.  It’s not really a great portable speaker to carry everywhere, but it’d be nice to sit at home.  It’s especially good for the younger crowd since this monster has a mohawk packed full of color changing LED lights.  It’d even be great to keep a toddler giggling since he sways side to side along with the music.  Giving your music a much more interesting twist.

The Rocky The Monster Speaker will work for any MP3 player you can hook up to a 3.5mm jack.  You can plug it up to the wall for power or pop 4 AA batteries into it for portable power.  The AC adapter is not included, but oddly the 4 AA batteries are included.  Since it does so much, I’d think the batteries would die quickly, so it’d probably be better to pick up the adapter.  You can purchase Rocky from Gadgetz 4 All for £24.95 or about $37.

Source:  NerdApproved

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